Anna Balasoglou

Based in the Wellington, Anna Balasoglou started her jewellery career working in the film industry and had her pieces feature on shows such as ‘Xena’ and ‘Hercules’. Now, with over 35 years experience, Anna has since forged a name for herself in the forefront of the NZ contemporary jewellery scene.
A woman as eclectic and vibrant as her work, Anna is inspired by all facets of NZ life and culture and has built up a diverse and expressive catalogue encapsulating this.
“I am a passionate artist and am never fully satisfied. I tend to have several ranges going at once. Some I leave as they are and some of them keep growing, and in search of something new I am often led down a new road altogether.”
“Jewellery is the perfect creative outlet for me. I’m always thinking about applying my views, feelings and humour to this art form. I’m driven to produce things that have not been done before as well as doing old things in new ways. I’m inspired by other contemporary jewellery, art, fashion, design and culture in general. I like to surprise people and make them think. Often my work at first glance has a humorous aspect but is also has a deeper meaning. Though sometimes I just want to make a beautiful piece for the sake of the stone and the colour of metal!”


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